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When Adelaide Battier’s naval commander husband dies, she is left to navigate a new society and oppressive government forces known as The Assembly. But things only get worse when Adelaide is informed of the Cannon Fire Plot, a series of attacks her late husband orchestrated to ignite a revolution against the Assembly. Framed for his treason, Adelaide and her five children are forced to focus on one thing above all else: surviving. With danger lurking around every corner, Adelaide and her children must fight for their lives in a world stacked against them.


Native Arcana is a thrilling crime story in the heart of mysterious eastern Oklahoma. For as long as she can remember, Nita Ross has seen the world through the eyes of someone who can sense its evil. She thought she knew violence, trauma, and evil in all its many forms, but she didn’t know the half of it until a charismatic and enigmatic ‘preacher’ came into town.
Before that, Nita was an everyday Cherokee Marshal, working Cherokee Nation and policing its laws. However, a desire to live a stable life was always out of reach. She is a survivor of many traumatic events: The Oklahoma City Bombing, a shootout, and most recently, the death of her husband. In the aftermath of the latter, she struggles to mother her autistic stepson as the violent incidents around her begin to mount.
A series of occult murders involving an Amish girl, a ranch hand to a multi-millionaire, and demonic iconography leads to a task force to hunt down the culprit of these heinous acts – including OSBI and Nita’s old friend and Thorpe Ranch owner, Blake Edwards. But, with her persistence and unique capabilities, Nita soon realizes she may be the only person equipped to uncover this mystery.

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